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What Are Top 5 Email Related Applications for iPhone?

by Ozgur on January 19, 2011

iPhone-Mail-App-LogoThe now well-known phrase of “There’s an application for that!” rings very true for most iPhone users. With everything from games and music applications to virtual pets and whole social networks, the iPhone application store has everything covered. One of the most used applications for all communication devices is the email function, which means a multitude of options to choose from when planning to download a new email app. In this article we discuss the top 5 email related apps, and why they deserve a place at the top.

IPhone Mail is a brilliant application for those who want to check multiple accounts and switch quickly between them. The interface is brilliantly intuitive, showing one screen with all the synced accounts at a glance, and the application keeps emails in ‘threads’ – a way of seeing the conversation, much like with iPhone text messages.

Next on our list, Google have earned a place in our hearts with their relaxed and playful attitude to business, paired up with their focus on listening to the needs of the real customers. This resulted in Gmail, a web-based email service that quickly ranked in the top three for that market. Clearly understanding that simplicity is the key, Gpush was created by app developers, illustrating a fast and non-intrusive option for Gmail users.

For a fun and surprisingly helpful twist on the traditional email apps, Email ‘n Walk is an app that lets you see the world through your emails… sort of. The interface is transparent and utilizes the phone’s rear camera to run a video in the background, meaning users can email without stepping in anything unholy as they walk the dog.

It is a known fact that Apple and Microsoft aren’t exactly best of friends, and this is bad news for Hotmail users, who will find that the iPhone Mail application consistently fails them. The solution is mBox, a great little app that handles Microsoft email perfectly.

Sometimes email users need to read and respond to emails as soon as they arrive. The Mail2web application for the iPhone uses Exchange ActiveSync support to ensure that the message is on screen the moment it hits the inbox. Not only does it display the messages in an intuitive and obvious way, but it also has full Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint support, perfect for checking work emails. It even comes with a free trial, so you can test it out first.


BigTimeHockeyMom January 20, 2011 at 8:06 AM

Emails in threads keeps everything so organized. No more fumbling around trying to find that one email you really need to look at.

TeamTimmy January 20, 2011 at 8:10 AM

It was nice to learn about mBox. I’ve been having a real hard time with Hotmail on the iPhone.

FieldODreams January 20, 2011 at 8:12 AM

I just hope people don’t use Email ‘n Walk to email ‘n drive.

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