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    Default Emails not getting through

    I have used mail2web for a couple of years and it has always been perfect.
    However over the last couple of months I've had people telling me that the mails they have sent are not getting through.
    This is especially when the mails are a bit longer - over say 1000 words. In Kb terms this is still only about 60Kb - 80Kb so hardly large.
    As the mails are between myself and one or two girlfriends they are a little risque at times - we are talking Playboy not hardcore - and it seems as though these ones are least likely to arrive. The emails I am sending are fine, it is the ones coming back which fail. I've noticed that the 'send copy to self' button although ticked doesn't send these mails back to me
    Is there a built in spam filter or spam blocker within mail2web which needs adjusting?
    Does mail2web have a white list which I need to enter these friends onto
    Is there something else I should be doing
    Many thanks for your help

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    Hi Tony,

    I`ll submit your problem to mail2web staff, i hope they can help you ASAP.

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    If you are free user, you'll need to contact your email provider to see if you can adjust your filter settings to allow email to your inbox. It is also possible that the email is being placed in an alternate folder which you can easy view when logged into is a web based service used to check existing email accounts.

    If you are a paid or customer we will be able to assist you better. If so, please provide your Customer ID and the email address you are logging in with.

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