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    Default Mail2We fails to show emails in one account

    An odd problem -- When I try to check email for one account using Mail2Web, it shows no emails at all. Even if I send test messages -- there's nothing. When I check with a different online service I can see messages. It is only this one account. Other accounts on the same domain work fine.

    Any idea what might be happening and I might fix this? I have deleted and rebuilt the email account, but no luck.


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    Hi John,

    It sounds like the problematic account has been setup as POP3 in whatever email client you use on your desktop. By default, POP3 connections to mailboxes will download your email from your mail server, and delete the original; the effect is that you see all of your email on your desktop, but nothing on the server (therefore nothing can see).

    If you check your mail settings in your desktop email program, there is often an option that reads like "Keep mail stored on the server" or something similar to that. Find this option and enable it and all future mail you receive should be visible in

    Alternatively, you can reconfigure you desktop software to connect using IMAP instead of POP3 but you'll need to contact your email provider for more details on doing so.


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