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Outlook Web Access allows you to search for messages, appointments, and other items in your mailbox. In addition to your Microsoft Exchange mailbox folders, you can also search your organization's public folders. Searches can be based on one or more message characteristics, including the people who sent or received a message, or specific text in the subject line or body of a message. You can choose to search just the current folder or any subfolders within the folder.

When more than one search criteria is entered, Outlook Web Access looks for items that contain all specified criteria. Therefore, if you enter the name "John Doe" in the From text box and type "status meeting" in the Look in the Subject for these word(s) text box, Outlook Web Access searches the current folder for all messages that were sent by "John Doe" AND contain "status meeting" in the subject line. When you enter a name in the To text box, Outlook Web Access also checks the cc line of messages for that name. When you select the Also search message body check box, the text you're searching for can match the subject line of a message OR the body of a message.

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