How can I add an RSS or ATOM feed to my SharePoint 3.0 site

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You can add an RSS feed to your site as a Web Part by following these instructions.

  1. Go to  Under the Usage heading, enter the path to the RSS or ATOM feed in the field provided.
  2. Enter the number of items you want to see in the feed.  The default value is 20 but you can change this to any number.
  3. Click on the Get rss-wss.dwp and download the file to your local computer.
  4. Browse to your SharePoint site and go to your Home page or Web Part page that you want to add the feed to.
  5. From the Site Actions menu select Edit Page
  6. Click on Add a Web Part and then click on Advanced Web Part gallery and options from the bottom of the pop-up page.
  7. Click on the Browse menu and select Import
  8. Click on Browse... and locate the file you downloaded in step 3, then click Upload.
  9. You should then see the feed listed under Uploaded Web Part.  You can now drag this web part to the location on your Home page or Web Part page where you want it to be displayed.
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