Saturday, December 25, 2004

Mail2Web - one of the most useful sites on the net, period!

Merry Christmas! Its time to open your cyber presents! Loads of free cool cyber tools await you at, providing an incredibly useful series of free services which allow you to access email, newsgroups, and instant messaging systems through your desktop, net connected PDA or mobile phone (and yes, I use all three :-).

Mail2Web lets you set up a personalized webpage ( from which you can access newsgroups and POP / IMAP4 email accounts. If that weren't enough, from your “” account you can access popular instant messaging services like AIM, AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo - all at the same time!. That’s right, HTML or Java (your choice) based services lets you connect to your favorite IM services simultaneously. Pretty sweet for web access, but didn’t I promise services for mobile phones and connected PDA's - oh yeah. Recently updated services allow you the same access to email and IM services from your mobile devices. Until recently, the PDA and mobile phone links lagged behind in functionality, but upgrades have made mobile device access as useful as web based access.

If you are willing to part with a little green, you can setup Microsoft Exchange based email accessible on your pc or connected mobile devices. They even offer global roaming ISP access. Mail2Web is provided by SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc., which also offers registrar and hosting services at I switched from one of the biggest and badests (bad bad, not good bad) url registry services years ago, and am happy with my current registrar. But the free services STC provide are so good and so useful, when my url's come up for renewal I'm probably going to give a try. The rates seem reasonable, and I figure if the free services are this good the ones you actually pay for are probably first rate as well. Comments from current customers of are most appreciated.

Run, don't walk to and take advantage of some of the best free services available on the web. Your mobile phone will love you for it :-).